Press Release October 2022

Adamo by Talbot Cox - Author
Blue Weaver and Helco Promotions is pleased to announce the publication of Talbot Cox’s fifth book Barkings in Schoenies - A Potpourri of Sketches, Poems and Homespun Homiliesof an Unbridled Imagination.

The launch is taking place at Fogarty’s Bookshop in Gqeberha on Wednesday 26th October at 17h30.

‘It has taken me a lifetime to paint like a child again.’

Talbot Cox’s delightful book Barkings in Schoenies will capture the hearts of discerning readers to whom Pablo Picasso’s quote appeals; those who wonder and believe like a child –
unconditionally and with an imagination free of societal shackles

“Thank you for a lovely commission - I did indeed enjoy working on this. As a fellow artist, it was delightful!” Jane Goodfellow – Editor.

After a lifetime of hustle, bustle, realism, materialism, self-gratification, living fast and furious in the morrow; with little appreciation for the real values of life; oblivious of the
rhythm of our very existence, my settling in Schoenmakerskop a number of years ago was like an antithesis to all I had considered important before.
The magic of this enchanted village, like a slow potion, seeped into my being, slowly but surely, slowing me down, as I learnt to find the time to take deep breaths, as it were. To
meditate… to dream! To find that inner me, winding the clock back to my childhood as I experience the synergy of life around me. And I now began to wonder and believe like a
child: unconditionally, with an imagination free of societal shackles? This book is a collection of writings and poems, illustrated here and there with my ‘plein air’ sketches, caricatures of famous personalities, and my paintings. They are flights of fantasy with much based on fact.

I wanted to call my poems ‘Elegies’ until I checked and found that the word ‘elegy’ is described in various dictionaries as ‘a sad poem usually written to praise and express sorrow
for someone who is dead’. And I sincerely hope this book is anything but that! However, what a disappointment as elegies rolls off the tongue so much better than odes or poems or
such like.

Woven inextricably into the fabric of Schoenies is our dog population (and cats but essentially our dogs). Everyone has a dog or two or more.

Every dog has its own personality, and like our local folk they come in all kinds, sizes and shapes, a colourful kaleidoscope of these wonderful creatures. Arguably they are the very
glue bonding our community together, for you see, dogs need exercise and so on any day of the week, you will see Schoenies residents walking their dogs, taking the air. And, on passing on the clifftop trails, informal chats keep everyone up to date with the local skinder, but more importantly, motivate that warm Schoenies camaraderie we all so jealously enjoy.

It was the Czech-born French author Milan Kundera who once said, “To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden where doing nothing was not boring –
it was peace.”

How true of Schoenies!

And so, my calling these moments of mine ‘Barkings’ somehow stuck in my mind. Why, I don’t know? Perhaps it is some divine intervention, and despite my trying to find an
alternative word, ‘barkings’ persisted. When I discussed this weighty matter with Coda, our Labrador of note, she enthusiastically agreed.

Publication Detail

Title: Barkings in Schoenies - A Potpourri of Sketches, Poems and Homespun Homilies of an Unbridled Imagination.
Author: Talbot Cox
Publisher: Reach
Distributor: Blue Weaver
Book Type: Sketches and Poetry
Book Size: 215.9mm x 190mm (Portrait)
Number of Pages: 194 pages
Publication Date: September 2022
ISBN: 978-1-77636-276-9

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Adamo by Talbot Cox - Author

Press Release July 2020

Helco Promotions is pleased to announce the publication of Talbot Cox’s debut novel Adamo One for a heartbeat; One for eternity, an epic saga spanning decades from South Africa to the USA, London and France. The cover frontispiece is an impasto painting of “Rocco” de Villiers the South African pianist and with much input and encouragement from Dr Erika Bothma, celebrated concert pianist and musicologist. Net proceeds will be donated to the St John’s Anglican Church Walmer Education Fund for underprivileged children.
Adamo is the greatest composer of musicals ever but despite intensive investigations, his/her identity remains unknown. Royalties of more than a billion pounds have amassed over the years. Adamo composes a final musical about the world’s youth in revolt and promises to reveal his/her identity. The world’s youth identify with the musical “One for a heartbeat, One for Eternity”, and from countries far and wide they petition the United Nationsfor a symbolic holding of hands despite ideological differences. The Adamo enigma is the catalyst for people from diverse backgrounds, from the very cradle of humankind in faraway Swaziland to the sophisticated Western cultures, to be drawn into the fascinating intrigue. Inextricably Merri Fencham from South Africa, Pierre Villeyand - the scion of a French dynasty and famous conductor, sangoma Vusi Dlamini - a Swazi royal prince, and others are drawn into the web of intrigue. And overall, the ancient influences of the ancestors, the “Toothless Ones”, confound Western stereotypes…. The drive of destiny cannot be denied as the ancient wisdom of Africa and modern technology meld into an awe-inspiring finale at the Royal Albert Theatre.

Publication Detail

Title: Adamo
Author: Talbot Cox
Publisher: Reach
Book Type: Fiction
Book Size: 152.4 mm x 228.6 mm (Portrait)
Number of Pages: 352 pages
Publication Date: July 2020
ISBN: 978-1990-96010-9

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Book Review | Adamo-One for a heartbeart; One for Eternity' by Talbot Cox

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About The Author

Talbot Cox, CAIB, FIB, AEP (Unisa) was a successful banker before embracing art as a profession on his retirement in 1999. He established himself as a portrait and fine art artist and has had many exhibitions, live  demonstrations and workshops. Talbot is multi-talented: he is a classically trained musician and has played the double bass in the Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra for some years. This is Talbot’s first novel. He is, however, a published author: “Senior Moments” (ISBN 978-0-620-45411-7) that was launched at the Senior National Golf Tournament in Cape Town in 2010, it is the iconic book on senior golf in South Africa. A copy is presented to every Senior Golfer at their inauguration into Seniors countrywide. “Charcoal Portraits from Photograph’s” (ISBN 978-4828-2533-6) was first published in 2015 and has been well received worldwide. Talbot and his wife, Elyse, renovated two historical cottages adjacent to each other on the magical cliffs of Schoenmakerskop, overlooking the sea. They share Seashell Cottage with a cat and a dog and a multitude of birds.
Talbot Cox - Author
Talbot Cox - Authot, Artist, Musician

Other Publications

Charcoal Portraits from Photographs by Talbot Cox - Author

Author offers artists tips to create charcoal portraits.

Talbot Cox releases 'Charcoal Portraits from Photographs'

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa – Author Talbot Cox presents an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide for novice portrait artists in his new book, "Charcoal Portraits from Photographs" (published by Partridge Africa). With its instruction, anecdotes and homilies, the book strives to help beginning artists achieve results beyond their wildest dreams.
"Every one of us has an inherent artistic desire... some more pronounced than others," Cox says. "The urge to do a portrait is often blunted by dismal, initial attempts... often this is where the dream is shattered and ended! Anyone with a little application and practice, and using the easy-to-read guidelines in this book can do a portrait from a photograph."

Cox says he has simplified the complex subject matter of basic facial features so anyone can create a charcoal drawing. "By using a photocopy combined with a fundamental knowledge of the human face, the 'golden rules' as it were and set out in the book, anyone can avoid much of the stress of placing the facial features correctly," he adds.

This is Cox's second book. His first, "Senior Moments," is the definitive book on senior golf in South Africa, from its origins to its unique characters, complete with photographs.

Publication Detail

"Charcoal Portraits from Photographs"
By Talbot Cox
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 108 pages | ISBN 9781482825336
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 108 pages | ISBN 9781482825312
E-Book | 108 pages | ISBN 9781482825329

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Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Soft cover available at Fogartys in Walmer, Port Elizabeth.
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Talbot Cox - Portrait and Fine Art Artist

Paintings for sale are on display at Periwinkle Studio.
Contact: Elyse on Tel: 072 546 8479 or Periwinkle Studio direct on 082 496 9622.
Periwinkle Studio is situated on the cliffs of Schoenmakerskop, south of Port Elizabeth.

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